Logic Net Worth

Logic Net worth

How much is logic worth?


You may not be familiar with the name of Sir Robert Bryson but you will surely know Logic, the young rapper. He has produced a few amazing songs and will certainly be giving a few hits in upcoming years as well.

The songs and mixtapes by the rapper have been trending worldwide. Although many may know his name, only a few people actually know about the struggle, hard work, and life of Logic. Here, we are going to take a look at the logic net worth and different aspects of his journey.

Logic has been among the famous young rappers in America. Although is not as popular as some of the best ones in the industry, however, he has managed to release a few good songs.

Early life

Logic was born on 22nd January 1990 in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA. He is an American national with mixed ethnicity. It is because his mother comes from Caucasian ancestors while the descendants of his father are African American.

He lived his early life there and had a passion for music since his childhood. His father, Robert Bryson Hall, would be very proud of his son as a singer, record producer and songwriter.

The early life of Logic is not too decent. He spent his childhood in a place where around 25% of whole population was living below the poverty line. Moreover, to make things worse, his parents were cocaine addicts. He went to the Gaithersburg High School but, unfortunately, was not able to complete his graduation.

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Robert Bryson Hall II, known best by his stage name Logic, has enjoyed a successful career till now. To this date, he has been able to come up with 2 stunning studio albums that demonstrate his skills appropriately.

His singles, as well as mixtapes, received a lot of appreciation from the experts, critics, and fans. Some of his works include Logic: The Mixtape, Young, and Broke and Infamous.

Logic net worth is estimated to be around $3 million as per sources. It is just an estimation of what he could have in his pocket. It can be more or less.

Personal life

We know that his early life had a lot of troubles. However, as time progress and he stood up on his firm feet, things started to change. Right now, he is living a great life along with this successful career. He went on to date his girlfriend Jessica Andrea.

The couple got married in 2015 and till today, no reports of distress between the couple have come. It seems like they have decided to join their paths for a lifetime and will stick with each other till their last breath.

I hope that the information above on his net worth and his career will be helpful for you. If you need to know further about Logic or has something that you wish to be included here, you can point to it in the comment box. As for Logic, he is only 27 years old at the moment and his music career is likely to be growing in upcoming years.

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