Larry Bird Net worth

Larry Bird Net worth

How much is Larry Bird worth?

Net Worth:$55 million
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of birth: December 7 1956
Source of wealth:Basketball player/Coach
Last Updated:2024


Larry Bird is someone who has devoted his entire career to basketball and even now, after retirement, his name is well-known amongst basketball players and coaches alike.

As of 2022, Larry Bird net worth is approximately $55 million.

Early life

Larry Bird was born in Indiana and his family had to struggle significantly with financial problems throughout his childhood, something which shaped him.

Additionally, his father committed suicide when Larry was a child, another cause for pain. However, he channeled his feelings into basketball and played for his high school.

It isn’t surprising that after having a successful basketball career in school, he managed to secure a basketball scholarship at the Indiana University.

Surprisingly, he couldn’t deal with being away from home and went back to his hometown but later enrolled at the Indiana State University.

At Indiana State, he impressed everyone with his talent and helped Indiana State reach the NCAA tournament.

Based on his college career, he was drafted in the sixth overall pick by the Boston Celtics.

Career as a player

As of 2022, Larry Bird net worth is estimated to be around $55 million and his amazing career as a professional basketball player has been the major contributor to his fortunes.

His selection by the Boston Celtics wasn’t just like any other selection because his agent asked for an amount which didn’t parallel any other rookies’ in the NBA at the time. Furthermore, the Boston Celtics ended up giving in to Bird’s agent making him the highest-paid rookie in the league.

Larry Bird’s stats as a player for the Boston Celtics have been more than impressive. From the beginning, he became invaluable to the team and helped them won numerous titles and trophies through his expertise.

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In 1992, Larry Bird was chosen to be part of America’s national basketball team and played at the Olympics, with the team including other big names such as Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. The team was praised for being the best and as proof of this statement, won a gold medal.

After coming back from the Olympics, Bird announced his retirement as a player.

Unfortunately for him, he had a back injury years ago but that never healed completely and as time wore on, he suffered greater injuries till he could no longer play effectively.

Career as a Coach

Unlike many football players, Bird didn’t stop interacting with basketball after retirement.

Instead, he took the position of coach to the Indiana Pacers in 1997. As of 2022, Larry Bird net worth is $55 million and his tenure as coach and later, President at the Indiana Pacers contributed to it significantly.

Even as Coach, Larry Bird was quite impressive and helped the Pacers win several titles.

He even held the position of President of basketball operations at the Indiana Pacers and left permanently in 2017.

Overall, Larry Bird has had an extremely successful career in the basketball world.

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