KissCartoon – 20 Sites like Kiss Cartoon to Watch Free Cartoons Online

No website could provide as much entertaining and versatile content as KissCartoon. You can’t disagree with this notion, can you?

It’s easy to fall in love with this website’s video quality, ease of use, and variety. You can get animes, US cartoons, and the latest episodes of shows to satiate your desire for quality cartoons.

The original website, however, attracted a bad reputation among authorities and cartoon production houses because of copyright issues. This led to its abrupt shutdown a few years back. Although the network responded with a comeback with different names and mirror websites, fans were unable to find the quality and versatility that made the original website popular.

So how did they cope? In other words, how can you cope with the loss of this huge entertainment source? There should be some alternatives so you can stream high-quality cartoon videos free of cost. Ideally, you should be able to find more than one such website and pledge your loyalty to it. After all, cartoons are more than just hobbies. They are the passion, fun, and personality of the viewers.

20 Best Alternatives to KissCartoon

Here are a few alternatives of KissCartoon that you can use. In this list, the first few options relate to anime-streaming websites. While later options include wider genres in the cartoon world.

1. KissAnime


If you are an anime lover, your priority should be those websites that specialize in this niche. Fortunately, KissAnime adequately responds to this desire. On this website, you can see every genre in animes.

If you want popular anime shows, KissAnime has got you covered.

Want movies? Look no further.

Interested in Disney’s anime? You can find them here also.

Other than their specialized niche of anime, this website also offers cartoon series like Boss Baby and Kung Fu Panda.

Why should you be a fan?

Being a fan of KissAnime is a no-brainer for anime lovers. Still, here are some features (other than anime specialization) that will nurture your love of the website:

It is accessible across platforms

You can stream videos on the site’s in-built player

Video database is huge and commendable

Video quality is great

2. DubbedAnime

kisscartoon alternatives

This second treat for anime lovers offers popular titles in the English language. These high-quality shows include One Piece, Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen. The best part is the frequency with which this site is updated. You can expect it to upload the latest episode of your favorite shows within hours.

You can use a simple search bar to find your favorite show. Or if you are desperately waiting for the latest episode of your favorite show, check out the site to see if it’s showing up in the latest videos or not.

Why you should be a fan?

The site offers quality anime videos in both original and dubbed formats. But that is just one out of many reasons to fall in love with this site. Others are:

Easy-to-use design

High-quality videos

Fast upload

Accessible on most platforms

Videos stream on the same site

3. AnimePlanet

alternatives to kisscartoon

The best part of this website is that you can find the most popular shows that fall in your favorite genre. Then, you can bookmark them and watch them at your pace. Or if you want, you can adhere to your regular anime watching routine and use the search bar to get the latest episodes.

This website is a community that strictly relates to Japanese animations. So, be ready to find only animes and manga.

Why should you be a fan?

If you love Japanese fiction or if you are a keen learner of the Japanese language and culture, this community is a great resource. Other features that will keep you hooked include:

Accessibility across platforms

Videos stream on the in-built player

Huge library

4. AnimeToon

kisscartoon alternative sites

Another haven for anime shows and movies, this site is eye-candy for most anime fans. Its navigation is super easy and you can follow your favorite trending shows from the home page. If you don’t find your desired titles on the first page or if you are looking for particular episodes that are not available on the first page, you can get help from the search bar.

Why should you be a fan?

If dubbed anime is not enough for you to pledge your alliance with AnimeToon, you have plenty of other reasons to remain hooked:

User-friendly interface

Huge database

Accessible on most platforms

Videos are streamed on an in-built player

5. WatchCartoonOnline

kisscartoon alternative websites

It is another site that specializes in anime-streaming. You get to watch animes of all genres and languages and you can choose to watch them in English without losing quality and interest. Other than that, the site also features popular cartoon series.

Why should you be a fan?

The reason to become a fan of WatchCartoonOnline is simple: it gives you access to a variety of cartoons that too in your own language.

Here are some other salient features:

Wide accessibility

Dubbed and subbed videos available

HD quality

6. 9Anime

best alternatives to kisscartoon

If you know what you are looking for, this site is your pal. Head over to the search bar and enter your show name. Now sit back and watch

Unlike most of its competitors, this site doesn’t offer trending searches. So, you have to rely on your knowledge or guesswork to get to the right show for you. But the best part is that, once you have selected the right show to stream, you can binge-watch the full show or its seasons without interruption or having to search for every other episode.

Why should you be a fan?

A huge database of videos

Complete seasons

Videos stream on an in-built player

HD videos

7. AniWatch

alternative to kisscartoon 2021

If you are thinking that you’ve got another gold mine to soothe your anime cravings, know that you have come to the right place. This site not only offers a huge variety of animes, but it is also keen enough to present only those which are loved in the native land of anime – Japan. When you visit the site, it is quick to point out the trending episodes which are uploaded on this site. And you also find the latest uploads from popular series.

If you register with this website, it can remember your choices and recommend relevant themes and genres.

Why should you be a fan?

Regular updates in the library

Vast selection

Accessible across platforms

HD videos

On-site player

8. CrunchyRoll

sites similar to kisscartoon

For all the fun, gossip, and fandom of your favorite anime series, head over to Crunchyroll. The community-style website gets a complete set of videos from trending shows to the latest releases, to dubbed and subbed series.

Not only anime and cartoons but some manga series may also grab your attention during any of your visits to the site. Also, you will find the news from production houses and can know what development might arrive in your followed show in coming periods.

Why should you be a fan?

For most people, the inclusion of popular Japanese animation is the primary feature that keeps them glued to the site. Yet, there are other features worth mentioning on this site. Here are those:

On-site player

Wide accessibility

Huge database

9. CartoonCrazy

sites related to kisscartoon

Are you still hungry for more anime-streaming websites? Check out this resource. Here, you can get different genres in anime from children to the military to love and romance. You also choose from the superpower genre to watch if you are interested.

The interface is clean and easy to navigate. The Japanese animes are also available with English dubbing. And then you get a community in the form of a Facebook community to share your passion for the episodes you have just watched.

Why should you be a fan?

Thinking of more reasons to be a raving fan of CartoonCrazy? Here are a few to consider:

Dubbed videos available

HD quality

Huge database

On-site player

10. ToonGet

Kisscartoon working websites

If you are a hard-core anime-lover and Korean-drama-lover on the side, this site is for you! It combines all the fun from anime to manga, to cartoons and Korean drama at one site. Even with all these videos and content, users don’t feel lost. The easy-to-use search bar allows you to search for your desired cartoon.

Why should you be a fan?

Variety of videos

HD quality

On-site player

11. AnimeLab

Animelab - Alternative to kisscartoon

If you can’t wait for the latest episode of your favorite anime show to be uploaded, you should get an affiliation with AnimeLab. This site is faster than the rest of the pack in uploading the latest episodes. But you have to pay a price – you have to sign up on the site to watch any video. No worries! The sign-up is free.

Why should you be a fan?

Here are a few reasons to love this site:

Fast upload of latest episodes

Easy-to-use interface

HD videos

Large database

12. Nyaa

Nyaa - kisscartoon like websites

If you can skip streaming directly, Nyaa has a lot to entertain you. This is a Japanese-specific BitTorrent that is not limited to just anime and cartoons. You also get to download games and software. Beware that the speed of download can vary greatly.

Why should you be a fan?

The website is great because it allows you to save the video for later use. Here are some features that attract users:

Videos can be downloaded

Vast collection

High-quality videos


KissCartoon similar site

If you are looking for some trending series like Justice League, Transformers, and Simpson’s; you should check out

Although this website is not specifically targeted towards anime-lovers, there are many quality options to satiate these viewers also. It mimics the ease of navigation of the original Kiss Cartoon website.

Why should you be a fan?

If you are not convinced because of the ease of search and navigation and variety of cartoons available on this website, here are a few features that will lure you into becoming its fan:

HD quality videos

Site’s media players

Wide accessibility across platforms


kimcartoon alternatives

This is another alternative that offers countless videos from different cartoon series. You get a series, movies, and shows. As well as these different kinds, viewers also get access to Asian cartoons as well as Japanese anime.

The navigation on this site is easy. However, users are bombarded with an excess of advertisements. If you can tolerate some distractions, this site will make you happy with the unlimited content it provides.

Why should you be a fan?

Other than a huge variety of cartoons, this site offers the following features:

Site’s own video player

Ease of navigation

Huge database

HD videos


alternative to kimcartoon

A few cartoons which you can find on include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Scooby-Doo. Looks cool? They are not all. Many other popular titles are waiting for you at the website.


Why should you be a fan?

A few reasons to be a fan of this quality alternative of Kiss Cartoon are:

High quality of its videos

Variety of content

Wide accessibility

Site’s own video player

16. CartoonsOn

websites like kisscartoon

One great feature of this site is its child-friendliness. Here, you can get the likes of Baby Loony Toons and Ice Age which are suitable for all ages.

But what’s the best part? You get regular updates of all these series on this site.

Why should you be a fan?

You will find the following features adorable:

Huge collection

Suitable for all platforms

Site’s media player


If you are missing your original KissCartoon badly, you should check out this website. is a great resource that has the same navigation style as that of the original site. The content also provides just as much quality as the original version.

This regularly updated website features popular as well as not-so-popular shows including Transformers, Power Rangers Beast Morphers, and PJ Masks.

Why should you be a fan?

Other than a huge collection, this site offers the following loveable features:

Accessible across platforms

In-built video player

HD quality

18. B98.TV

best website for kisscartoon

If you are searching for some oldies, B98 is your best opportunity. The site brings back memories as cartoons from the ’90s. You can get ready to revisit initial episodes of all-time favorite shows like Tom and Jerry Tales, Scooby-Doo, and Mickey Mouse.

And that’s not all! You get a huge database to remain entertained for hours and days. And then, you can stream them in the best possible quality.

Why should you be a fan?

Other than the era it portrays, the website offers many other features of quality:

HD videos

Huge library

In-built player


Toonova website

The best quality of this website is not the huge collection of cartoon series it presents. Rather, the site is great because it is quick in uploading newly released episodes of these shows.

Other than cartoons, the website also presents other popular series, Game of Thrones is just one of them.

Why should you be a fan?

Considerable collection

Popular series

HD quality

In-built player

20. WatchSeries

new alternative to kisscartoon

This is another great resource that includes different series which are not limited to cartoon series. Contrary to what appears from its name, the website also presents movies and dramas. The website is quick to upload newly released episodes.

Because of the vast collection and inclusion of different genres, this website is a cool database to follow your favorite shows.

Why should you be a fan?

You can stream and follow your shows on this website:

High-quality videos

Inbuilt video player

Huge collection

Wrap Up

Why would you want to know the best websites for streaming cartoon videos? It’s simply because cartoons are fun. But that is not the whole reason. You want access to these sites so you can have fun without spending a fortune on your passion.

And what’s the best website to stream these cartoons other than KissCartoon. Unfortunately, the hugest cartoon-streaming website was shut down years ago because of copyright infringements.

What is left behind are websites with just enough content to partially satisfy the viewers’ hunger for cartoons and animes.

So, how can you fulfill your desire for English-dubbed Japanese cartoons? You do this by following all the websites which are the best alternatives for KissCartoon.

Unfortunately, since this site has shut down in 2017, the huge fan base of this website is searching for a satisfying alternative. Although hundreds of websites offer users to stream quality cartoons, the database size and video quality differ greatly.

This article offers twenty different options which offer the same or similar level of satisfaction for cartoon-lovers.

What do you say about this list of 20 Best alternatives to Kisscartoon? Leave your comments below.

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