Kevin Gates Net Worth

Kevin Gates Net Worth

How much is Kevin gates worth?

Net Worth:$1 Million
Date of Birth: February 5, 1986
Age (age 34)
Residence:Louisiana U.S
Occupation:Singer, Rapper, Songwriter & Entrepreneur


Kevin Jerome Gilyard popularly known by his stage name Kevin gates is a famous American singer, rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur.  He currently joined the breadwinners association along with the partnership with Atlantic Records.

He started with the first album named Islah which topped the music charts and ranked at number two on the US Billboard Music Chart. Besides this, he also released many mixtapes including by any means, stranger than fiction and Luca Brasi 2 which ranked at number 40 on Billboard charts.

As of 2022, Kevin gates net worth is estimated to be around $1 million making him one of the most famous rappers and singers in the music world.

Early life

Kevin Gates was born in Louisiana, the U.S on February 5, 1986, to an African American father and a Puerto Rico mother.  His childhood was miserable and he was raised in a confusing lifestyle. He was arrested at the age of thirteen for joyriding as a passenger in 1999.

He spent the rest of his young age without his father due to losing his contact but later reconnected him in his teenage years. He went to Baton Rouge Community College when he was 17 years old.

Personal life

Gates married Dreka Haynes, his longtime girlfriend in 2015. The couple welcomed their two children Khaza and Islah. He is protective of his family and therefore not shared any personal news to media. He didn’t even expose any truth about his other relationship or marriage.

He is a practicing Muslim religion along with his wife and also went to Mecca to complete his obligation of Hajj in 2016.


After completing his graduation from The Baton Rouge Community College, he unfolded his career as a singer and rapper. In 2005, he started his career by signing to the dead game records a famous record label.

He released two mixtapes titled All Or Nuthun and Pick Of Da Litter in 2018. According to him these mixtapes describe a lot of pain and narrate true stories.

His career took a u-turn when he moved on the way towards music. He gained fame and popularity by signing to Lil Wayne’s Music Label Young Money Entertainment in 2012.

In 2013, he released numerous mixtapes that topped the music charts and then later shook hands with Atlantic Records Company.

He gained much recognition and fame by releasing the mixtape, The Luca Brasi Story. The mixtape topped the music charts and ranked at number 17 on billboard 200. Following this his next tape he earned his 3rd billboard listing.

After this gates released world-famous songs including, 2 Phones, Really Really, and Time For That. His songs earned success internationally with the huge fan following. The album sold over 112000 copies in the first few days of release and ranked at number 2 on the billboard 200 chart.

After that, he released several mixtapes and albums and successfully sold over millions of copies globally. In 2016, he released the sequel for murder for hire and following this, he released by any means 2 which ranked at number 4 on Billboard charts. In 2019, he released only the Generals Gon Understand his 2nd EP.

Gates has collaborated with world’s best rappers of the hip hop industry including Chainz, Jamie Foxx, Lil Durk, Lil Boosie, and Ty Dolla Sign.

As of 2022, Kevin gates net worth is around $1 million.


Here is the list of the several achievements he made.

  • He won Billboard Music Award in 2017 for the album, Islah.
  • He won iheart radio music awards in 2017 in the best new hip hop artist category.
  • He released had to music videos in 2017.
  • He released Islah Studio Album in 2016.


Kevin Gates is one of the most famous rappers and singers of the music world. His passion and dedication show his bright future. He has a unique style of describing his grief and pain in the form of music.

As of 2022, Kevin gates net worth is approx $1 million.

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