John Cena Net Worth

John Cena's net worth


John cena is one the popular and successful American wrestlers and according to the recent report of 2022, John Cena’s Net Worth is $57 millionJohn cena is an American wrestler and also very good actor.

The basic source of the net worth of John Cena is from different movies, TV shows, and the biggest wrestling event program WWE. John Cena is also called superstar of WWE and he has already worked really hard to reach to the point where he is now in his living career.

People also call him the man who turns the faces of everyone as he comes to the stage and that is true about John Cena. People buy different things from WWE store just because John Cena is printed on different items which make the things look cool.

The chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the board Vince Mamahon said once “No, body in WWE World Work as hard as John Cena” John Cena is working day and night in the ring and also outside the ring to promote WWE Wrestling and many other WWE products.

John Cena Net Worth and Career

If you have seen Wrestling Observer Radio, which is one of famous article editor and also a reporter named Dave Meltzer said when he was asked about John Cena’s net worth? He replied that if you ask me what is john cena net worth then you will be shocked that John Cena is earning almost $10 million from WWE every year”.

Dave Meltzer also expressed that in 2015 Cena was WWE’s top Seller of merchandise, While Roman Reigns is on the second number. This explains how much John Cena is working hard to get that much of net worth. His net worth also includes a number of cars collection.

John Cena has a number of cars that we should include in the list of his total worth. Here is the list of the number of different cars John Cena Owns. In this list there are Dodge Hemi Charge, AMC AMX, COPO Chevrolet Camar, Dodge Dayton, AMC Rebel Machine, Buick GSX, Pontiac GT Judge, Mercury Cougar Eliminator, Plymouth Superbird, Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350, Plymouth Road Runner, Dodge Viper 2006 Ford GT, Ford Mustang Saleen Parnelli Jones Limited Edition, Dodge Charger SRT-8, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Incenarator and others also.

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John Cena Biography

John Cena real name John Felix Anthony Cena, as we know him as WWE superstar, was born on April 23, 1977, in the house of West Newbury in the city of Massachusetts.

The Name of John cena’s mother is Carol and his father’s name is also John Cena. Yes you are reading right his father’s name is also John Cena. His father is Italian and his mother is French Canadian and an English Lady. When Cena was in his college days, he used to play football.

After that, he continued to show his interest in bodybuilding. He won several competitions at that time as a bodybuilder. John cena’s initial Job was of a driver. But now he is a successful superstar in WWE World. John’s house is very massive.

The house is 13,153 sq.ft in Land Orleas Florida. Cena’s house starts with a giant entrance which is mostly been used for promotions and also for the posters for Nikki bellas show named Total Bellas.

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