John Adams Morgan Net worth

john adams morgan net worth


John Adams Morgan is an American nationality holder businessman who has a total net worth of $100 Million. He is the great-grandson of the famed banker J.P. Morgan on his papa’s side and the great-great-grandson of American President John Adams on his mom’s side.

He is popularly known as the ex-husband of Sonja Morgan, a cast member of the Actual Housewives of New York (RHONY). It had been found out from a NY Post that her financial troubles were also rising due to the unsettled divorce when she was sued for a failed film enterprise after she filed for bankruptcy.

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She asserts that Morgan still owes her as much as $3 million as part of the divorce settlement along with the $300 thousand for child support.

Morgan is approximately 33 years old than his ex-wife. When Sonja was employed as a hostess in San Pietro, an upscale Italian restaurant in Manhattan they met. They’ve a daughter. They separated in 2006 and he currently lives in a personal island which is worth $19 million. This caused outrage when she was prohibited from visiting, using or selling the properties that they co-own.

Currently John Adams Morgan Net worth is $100 Million

He was at once time arguably the strongest guy in America both due to the ways he used his enormous quantity of wealth and acquired. A billion dollars still talks in 2010 though a million dollars isn’t a great deal anymore. JP Morgan did.

J.P. Morgan, who became a banker in 1857 and owned his own company: JP Morgan & Company by 1893, determined the way business was done in American around the turn of the century.

He made waves by taking over businesses that were floundering and turning them around by restructuring and shifting management styles, a reorganization procedure that afterward became known as “Morganization.” This has had a profound impact on the way business was done in the U.S. and globally ever since

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