Jared Kushner Net Worth

Jared Kushner Net Worth

How much is Jared Kushner net worth?


Jared Kushner is an American real estate developer, investor, and political figure who is widely known for his association with the former President of the United States, Donald Trump. As a successful businessman,

Kushner has made a name for himself in the real estate industry, leading several high-profile development projects across the United States. Additionally, he has also been involved in various political initiatives, including serving as a senior advisor to Trump during his presidency.

Despite his controversial image, Kushner has amassed a significant amount of power and influence over the years, making him one of the most notable figures in American politics and business. In this article, we will explore his early life, personal background, career achievements, and net worth in detail.

As of 2024, Jared Kushner net worth is around $800 million.

Early Life

Jared Kushner was born on January 10, 1981, in Livingston, New Jersey, to real estate developer Charles Kushner and his wife, Seryl. He grew up in a wealthy family and attended private schools, including the Frisch School in Paramus and Harvard University, where he earned a degree in government.

Growing up, Kushner was heavily involved in his family’s real estate business, which helped him develop a keen business sense and an interest in real estate development. He worked for his father’s company, Kushner Companies, during his college years, and took on a more active role in the company after graduation.

Personal Life

Jared Kushner was born on January 10, 1981, in Livingston, New Jersey, to Charles Kushner and Seryl Stadtmauer. He grew up in a Jewish family with his brother, Joshua, and two sisters, Dara and Nicole. Jared attended the Frisch School, a yeshiva high school in New Jersey, and later graduated from Harvard University with a degree in sociology in 2003.

In 2009, Jared Kushner married Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former US President Donald Trump. The couple has three children together: Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore. They are known for their lavish lifestyle, owning several homes across the United States and frequently socializing with other wealthy individuals.

Jared Kushner has been a controversial figure in both his personal and professional life. He has been criticized for his close association with his father-in-law, who has been accused of multiple ethical violations during his presidency.

Additionally, his family’s real estate company has faced legal troubles, including a high-profile scandal in which Charles Kushner was convicted of tax evasion and witness tampering. Despite this, Jared Kushner remains a prominent figure in American politics and business.


Jared Kushner began his career in the real estate industry, following in the footsteps of his father, Charles Kushner. He co-founded Kushner Companies in 2006 and oversaw the acquisition, renovation, and management of various properties in the United States.

Kushner became more widely known for his involvement in politics after his father-in-law, Donald Trump, became the Republican nominee for President in 2016. Kushner served as a key advisor and played a prominent role in Trump’s campaign, helping to craft the President’s message and strategy.

After Trump’s election, Kushner was appointed Senior Advisor to the President, a position in which he played a central role in the administration’s domestic and foreign policy efforts. He has been involved in a variety of issues, including criminal justice reform, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and relations with China.

Kushner has also been involved in various business ventures, including launching an investment firm and a media company.

Despite the controversy surrounding his role in the Trump administration, Kushner has remained an influential figure in American politics and business.


Jared Kushner has achieved numerous accomplishments throughout his career in business and politics. Here are some of his notable achievements:

  • Successful real estate developer: Kushner was the CEO of Kushner Companies, his family’s real estate development company, from 2008 to 2017. During his tenure, he successfully led several high-profile projects, including the acquisition of the iconic New York City building 666 Fifth Avenue.
  • A key figure in Trump’s presidential campaign: Kushner played a significant role in his father-in-law Donald Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign. He helped to develop the campaign’s digital strategy, data analysis, and fundraising efforts.
  • Senior Advisor to the President: In 2017, Kushner was appointed Senior Advisor to the President of the United States by President Trump. In this role, he has been involved in a wide range of domestic and foreign policy issues, including Middle East peace negotiations, criminal justice reform, and the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Key figure in Middle East peace negotiations: Kushner has been a key player in the Trump administration’s efforts to broker a peace deal between Israel and Palestine. He has led several diplomatic missions to the region and was instrumental in the normalization of relations between Israel and several Arab countries.
  • Criminal justice reform advocate: Kushner has been a vocal advocate for criminal justice reform and played a significant role in the passage of the First Step Act in 2018, which aimed to reduce mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses.
  • Successful investor: Kushner is also a successful investor and entrepreneur. He co-founded the venture capital firm Thrive Capital, which has made several successful investments in companies such as Instagram, Slack, and Twitch.

Overall, Jared Kushner’s achievements reflect his success in business and politics, as well as his commitment to important social issues.

Net Worth and Assets

Jared Kushner net worth is approximately $800 million. His wealth comes from various sources, including his real estate development company, Kushner Companies, and his investment firm, Thrive Capital. He also holds a stake in various properties, including a stake in the old New York Times building and a share of the former Jehovah’s Witnesses headquarters in Brooklyn.

Additionally, he has reportedly made significant profits from his investment in social media companies, including Facebook and Twitter. In terms of assets, Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, own multiple properties, including a $5.5 million home in Washington, D.C., and a $32 million apartment in Manhattan. They also reportedly own several art pieces and expensive jewelry.


Jared Kushner is an American real estate developer, investor, and political advisor who is best known for his work in President Donald Trump’s administration. He played a key role in his father-in-law’s 2016 presidential campaign and served as a senior advisor during his presidency.

Throughout his career, Kushner has been involved in numerous high-profile real estate projects and investments, and he has received several awards and honors for his contributions to business and philanthropy.

As of 2024, Jared Kushner net worth is estimated to be around $800 million, and he owns a number of assets and investments across various industries.

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