How to open UBL Omni Account – Make UBL Omni account

Hi guys, In this article, I am going to tell you, How to open UBL Omni Account in Pakistan. First I will tell you what is UBL Omni?

What is UBL Omni?

UBL Omni now brings a host of banking services for your closest “Dukaan”. UBL Omni Dukaans are found in towns across Pakistan and more than 650 cities. This can be by offering fundamental banking services across an important landmark in the development of banking which will reshape the standard banking model.

UBL Omni account holder will afterward be able to deposit and withdraw cash, make utility bill payments, send or receive money, purchase mobile airtime, make a postpaid cellular bill payment, pay Zakat & Donation and much more by using a diversified variety of suitable channels which includes SMS, Mobile App, UBL Netbanking or ATM. No longer will they have to go to a bank branch to run their banking transactions that are basic nor will they be limited by conventional banking hours.

How to Open UBL Omni Account?

The service needs a customer to open UBL Omni bank account for qualifications. Your UBL Omni bank account can be opened by you at any given Omni Dukaan or UBL branch of your convenience, whether near to home or workplace. CNIC number and your mobile number will likely be utilized to open your account. The monthly service charges are RS. 25 plus there will be additional usage charges used. Let’s glance upon the services that you will likely have the ability to obtain at UBL Omni bank account.

When your UBL Omni account opens you will be able to entertain all crucial banking services. These services include utility bills payments, cash deposit and withdrawal, funds transfers, receive prepaid mobile cards, money, postpaid cellular invoices, plus much more by using divergent range of banking channels largely ATM, UBL Netbanking/ WAP, SMS and Contact Centre. Get the freedom from restrictions of normal banking hours and from visiting your division to help make the transactions that are basic.

Visit the Omni Dukaan where you’d like to start the account with your initial CNIC, should you have to start a UBL Omni bank account. It’s possible for you to open the account with minimum RS. 100 deposit amount. Complete the account opening form and submit the form to the broker. Additionally, you will get a confirmation SMS upon your submission. After taking your digital picture, the agent will give you the copy of account opening form and proof slip that’ll be stamped.

You’ll be reached within 24 hours for verification as well as your UBL Omni account will be activated. You can even use UBL Omni with Web, SMS Banking or UBL WAP. Remember, you must possess minimal RS. 500 in your UBL Omni account to amuse the services. For utility bills payments, initially a limited number of businesses are supported by the service, for example, QESCO, SSGC, SNGPL, KESC, HESCO, FESCO, IESCO, PTCL and KWSB. On more firms will soon be added to the list.

If you already manage an account with UBL then just send your CNIC number to 8257 and instantly your UBL Omni account will be activated. Those customers, who aren’t running a UBL Omni bank account, will also be able to send or receive cash to utilize utility invoices payments, mobile payments and prepaid mobile cards. We Have read How to Open UBL Omni Account

How do I improve my Present account limits?

For Non-Biometric Customers

For present Non- Level 1 and Biometric Level 0 customers, customer can visit nearby OMNI Dukaan and supply their Biometric thumbnail feeling, after which there account will be transferred to biometric degree 0 as well as their account limits will probably be improved.

What services are offered at Omni Channels?

Bill Payments (Utility Bill Payments, Broadband bill payment, Mobile Postpaid bill payments)
Mobile Airtime purchase
Purchase Voucher
Resources Transfer a. From Omni Account to Individual/CNIC c.

Shop online
Contribution /Zakat
To work with an account through SMS you need to have an account PIN. During the period of Account activation call center representative will ask you to create an account PIN and guide you with the procedure.

How can I use UBL Omni in mobile phone?

It’s really simple to use Omni Account through SMS station. It’s just a three-step procedure

I) Send the message to 8257.

ii) Receive system generated call from Omni

iii) Enter you Omni Account PIN to finish the trade.

Final Word:

Finally we have studied how to open UBL Omni Account

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