Harrison Ford Net Worth

Harrison Ford Net Worth

How much is Harrison Ford net worth?

Net Worth:$230 Million
Date of Birth: July 13, 1942
Age (70 Years)
Residence:Chicago Illinois, U.S
Occupation:Actor, Pilot & Environmental Activist


Harrison Ford is a well-known American actor, producer, pilot, and environmental activist from Chicago. The multitalented actor gained fame and name through his starring role in the space opera movie Star Wars in 1977.

He is the winner of the Saturn award, Ceci b DeMille award, and AFI Life Time Achievement Award. His films on the box office grossed over 5.1 billion surpassing $9.3 billion worldwide, ranking him at no.4 in the list of highest-grossing box office stars of all time.

As of 2022, Harrison Ford net worth is approx $230 million.

Early life

Harrison Ford was born on July 13, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois to Dorothy, a former radio actress and John William Ford, former actor, and advertising executive.

He was a boy scout in his school and also worked at Napowen Adventure Base Camp. This, was the base of his career,  where director Steven Spielberg noticed him and decided to depict Indiana Jones as a life scout in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade.

In 1960, Ford graduated from Maine East High School. He was the first to broadcast on the radio station of high school WMTH and became the first sportscaster too. He also went to Ripon College in Wisconsin and did major in philosophy. He took a drama class in his senior year to become more confident while facing cameras.

Personal life

Ford has been married thrice and has one adopted and four biological children. He was first married in 1964  to Mary Marquardt till 1979. The couple had two sons, Benjamin and Clothier Willard.

The second time, he has been married to Melissa Mathison a screenwriter from 1983 till 2000. The couple had a sin Malcolm and a daughter, actress Georgia.

In 2002 he started dating Calista Flockhart, an actress after they met at 2002 Golden Globe Awards. They adopted their son Liam in 2001. The couple married in 2010 in Santa Fe New Mexico.


The journey to achieve much more besides being an actor was never easy for Ford. At the start, he is frustrated due to the lack of significant roles in films and success. He left his career and became a carpenter to support his family and earn his living.

He got his major film role in 1973 while starring in American Graffiti. Ford collaborated with Lucas in 1977, searching for success, and finally, he got his breakthrough role as Han Solo in Star Wars. His incredible performance in the movie rose him to fame and opened the chance for him to star in the two other sequels.

The same year he has been offered the role in Indiana Jones: Raiders Of The Lost Ark by Steven Spielberg. This role was a legendry film character that earned him fame and fortune. After his success in Indiana Jones, he was offered the role in Blade Runner by Ridley Scott.

Harrison ford soon became a real movie star and rose his reputation as an actor with important roles in blockbuster movies. He also received academy award nominations for his performance in star wars and 1985’s witness.

In 2000, he starred in the sequel of Indiana Jones: The Movie. The movie topped the movie charts and grossed over 786 million in its first opening weekend.

As of 2022, Harrison ford net worth is estimated to be around $230 million. This multitalented man has achieved incredible net worth with the films grossing over 6 billion dollars. His performance in successful films is the main reason for his whopping net worth.

He ruled on the film industry for over six decades and still, he is spreading magic through his performances.


The legendary actor Harrison received several nominations and awards for his tremendous efforts in Hollywood.

He received an AFI Life Achievement Award, Living Legends Of Aviation Award,  two Saturn Awards, Jules Verne Award, Spike Tvs Guy’s Choice Award, Experimental Aircraft Association Freedom Flight Award, and two People’s Choice Awards.

Besides this, he was nominated at the 58th Academy Awards for his role in Witness. For the same movie, he also received BAFTA and Golden Globe Nominations. He also received Golden Globe Nominations for Mosquito Coast, Sabrina, And Fugitive.   


Harrison Ford is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. He has appeared in blockbuster movies like Indiana Jones and Star Wars. He has many upcoming projects in the future too.

As of 2022, Harrison Ford net worth is around $230 million.

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