Fawad Rana Net Worth

Fawad Rana Net Worth

Net Worth:400 billion Pkr
Occupation:Managing Director & Owner of Lahore Qalanders franchise


Fawad Naeem Rana is one of the famous business tycoons of Pakistan. He is mainly known for owning one of the best teams of Pakistan Super League known as Lahore Qalandar.

He is also a managing director of QALCO, a Doha based company. He is the first man to present his team Lahore Qalandars on Pakistan cricket ground  and laid the foundation of PSL (Pakistan super league)

As of 2021, Fawad Rana net worth is approx 400 billion Pkr.

Early life

Rana was born in a middle-class family. He spent a very reasonable childhood. He worked very hard to start to cater to his needs. But with time, his dedication and hard work paid off. He worked day and night to become a successful businessman.

Meanwhile, he was a crazy fan of cricket and its players. He always wanted to be a cricketer but couldn’t fulfill this wish.

Personal life

Fawad Rana has two siblings, brother Atif Rana and sister Sameen Rana.

His brother Atif Rana is the CEO of Lahore qalandar and also a successful businessman. His sister Sameen Rana is a chief executive of Durban Qalandars, serving as a  team manager and a chief operating officer of Lahore Qalandar

As of 2021, Fawad Rana net worth is around 400 billion Pkr.


Rana started his professional career by joining the Qatar based oil company QALCO. This is one of the main organizations in the city. Pakistan also gets its 24 pc of ointment shares and its items are utilized in Pakistan at a good scale. Fawad Rana is playing a major role in the relationship between Pakistan and Qatar through this legal company.

He has a noteworthy job which is establishing him as a trustworthy and successful citizen and businessman. He is also a great fanatic of theatre and also served as one of the pioneers of Pakistani theatre. Before starting his career in the oil company, he used to work in theatre.

He chose to be the owner of the Lahore Qalandar because of his attraction, enthusiasm, and zeal towards cricket.  His siblings convinced him to be part of the PSL. He never failed to cheer up the audience and cricket lovers through his exceptional expressions whether the team won or lost.

The entire nation praised him for presenting the raised amount to the victims of Sehwan and Lahore blast.


The owner of Lahore Qalander, the crazy fan of cricket, and a talented managing director of the worlds known oil company QALCO is doing great in every field. Pakistani’s admire him for the contributions he made towards the Pakistan cricket team.

As of 2021, Fawad Rana net worth is estimated at 400 billion Pkr.

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