Dr. Phil Net Worth

Dr. Phil's net worth

Net Worth:$400 million
Star sign:Virgo
Country of Origin:Vinita, Oklahoma
Date of birth: September 1, 1950
Source of wealthTv personality, psychologist, author
Height:1.93 m
Weight:176 lbs
Last Updated:2019


Dr. Phil’s net worth is $400 million and this figure is officially revealed by many of the sources. His real name is Phillip Calvin McGraw. He is a renowned American television personality and by profession he is an author. He is a psychologist and he is the host of one of the famous Tv shows Dr.Phil. This show had its debut in the year 2002.

Do you know that Dr. Phil personality got and receive his celebrity status because of the appearances he made on The Oprah Winfrey Show during the time of late 1990s, it is true! It was in 2015 year that Forbes managed to list his earnings to be reached to 70 million dollars. At that time, he was ranked as the 15th one highest earning celeb in the world.


Early Life

Dr. Phil was born on September 1, 1950. It was in Vinita, Oklahoma that his birth took place. His mother name is Anne Geraldine and his father is Joseph J. McGraw, Jr. He has two older sisters, they are Deana and Donna.

He has also a younger sister she is Brenda. His father used to be an equipment supplier. And it was during his childhood time that his family decided to move so that his father can pursue and accomplish his lifelong goal, that is to become a psychologist.

Dr. Phil got his education from Shawnee Mission North High school. In the year 1968, he received a scholarship from University of Tulsa. In that university, he played the middle linebacker because it was a football sports scholarship.

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It was in 1975 that Dr. Phil finished his graduation studies from this Midwestern State University. He did his B.A in the subject of psychology. He also got MA degree in the subject of experimental psychology during the year 1976.

Then he got his PHD degree in the subject of clinical psychology in the year 1979 from the University of North Texas. His PHD dissertation was titled as Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Psychological Intervention. For this doctoral program, he was all guided by Frank Lawlis. Do you know that Frank Lawlis came out to be the primary and main contributing psychologist for his show Dr. Phil show.

When he got his degree in doctorate, then he joined his father Joe McGraw right in Wichita Falls, Texas. It was in 1983 that McGraw and also his father, they joined with Thelma Box. She was a successful and accomplished Texas businesswoman to present and show “Pathways” seminars and too experience-based training sessions.



Dr. Phil Tv career started because of Oprah Winfrey and then we saw the creation of Dr. Phil show. This is from the particular spot that Dr. Phil’s net worth witnessed a major increase. This celeb appearance came out to be so much successful in Oprah Winfrey show.

He started to appear on a weekly basis in that show by being as a relationship and too life strategy expert. His first book had the title Life Strategies. Then in the next one four years, he published and released further more three relationship books. And that too along with the releasing of their workbooks so that they can be given better piece of complement.

It was in September 2002 that he formed and created Peteski Productions and came up with his own and personal TV show which was Dr.Phil Show. The format of this TV show was basically to come out as an advice show. He tackles and handle different topics in this show and also offer advice and suggestions to all of his guests who are in trouble.

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Weight Loss Business

It was then the time of 2003 that Dr. Phil decided to enter into this weight loss business. He sold shakes and energy bars. He sold supplements and other products which claim to reduce and decrease weight.

All of these products were too promoted during the time of his show. This products had the brand name titled as “Shape It Up, Woo, Woo!”. It was stated by him that these products are packed with scientifically and experimentally researched ingredients.And they can help you in changing your behavior and also to take the complete control of yourself in losing weight.

But this business of him, it had to face the much amount of criticism because most of the sources claimed and placed this accuse on McGraw that he is a clinical psychologist and he is not a physician.

Many sources accused him of the reason that he is not experienced in recommending or giving a suggestion of weight loss. Finally he had to pull off all of his supplements from the market during time of March 2004. Later on FTC also dropped its probe and overall investigation case.

Dr. Phil’s net worth is $400 million


The Making of Dr. Phil Biography

Note that The Making of Dr. Phil, it is a biography which is done by Sophia Dembling, This book is about Phillip Calvin McGraw. In this biography, there are interviews from the side of his childhood friends and also from the side of his former classmates.

Phillip McGraw released another one book which is named as Love Smart and that book did not achieve the same amount of success which his previous books and publishing got!


Charitable foundation

Dr. Phil is the founder of Dr. Phil Foundation, this foundation mainly raises funds so that childhood obesity can be tackled. This foundation was formed in October 22, 2003. It too supports charitable organizations so that emotional and monetary needs of all children and families can be addressed. This is how Dr. Phil’s net worth is being utilized in these noble causes.


Personal Life

Dr. Phil first wife used to be an ex-cheerleader, Debbie Higgins McCall. Then he married Robin Jo Jameson in 1976. They have two children. His son Jay McGraw, he follow his father’s footsteps and publish books which are aimed and focused at teenagers.


Dr. Phil Motivation Video



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