Charlie Sheen Net Worth

Charlie Sheen's Net Worth

How much is Charlie Sheen worth?


Charlie Sheen is a proper example of Hollywood success Player and Hollywood ruin as well. Charlie Sheen who earned about $1.25 million for a single episode of one of a great time show Two and a Half Men is now infected with HIV Disease.

During his prime time of TV, charlie Sheen net worth was around $150 million, thanks for his great work in Two and a Half Men contract, which earned him the highest-paid actor in the country at that time.

Income sources and Net Worth of Charlie Sheen

According to reports, Charlie Sheen net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. His main source of earning was acting, producing and also endorsement as well. During his debut at CBS sitcom Two And a Half Men, Charlie used to earn around $48 million every year including syndication points as well. Sheen earned about  $48 million per year from his show within seven different seasons.

More on Life Of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen also earned the Golden Globe Award, He owned an expensive 1966 NASCAR Ford Mustang car. Sheen is also a proud owner of a Mercedez Benz S600 that boasts very well output power with a great torque power for an extraordinary on-road performance.

Sheen is currently residing in his third Mulholland Estates Mansion that is the 7,924-square-foot Mediterranean brought up in 2006 for the price of $7.2 million. Charlie sold his second mansion for $5.4 Million on 15 of July 2016. Charlie Sheen also made another real estate sale of the year by forming a deal of $5.4 million.

In the year 2011, Sheen bought another home at the price of $6.9 million and then sold it for $6.6 million bearing a loss of $400,000. Although Charlie was not able to make a great profit from that first transaction of the year 2016, his second mansion sale of the next year covered his all losses. Charlie Sheen also owns the luxurious and beautiful Valley of Ranch mansion which is situated in Beverly Hills.

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According to an online report, His second Mulholland Estates manse was officially sold for the price of approximately $5,415,000 to $615,000 that is above the $4.8 million he paid for the property later on in 2012.

In the year 2011, Charlie officially declared that he had left Two and a Half Men after getting fired due to a contentious and public battle with the creator of the show Chuck Lorre. He bounced back quickly with a new show called Anger Management that aired on the FX network until 2014.

Now Charlie Sheen Can No Longer Pay For his Spousal Support.

Charlie Sheen’s personal life has always been disturbed and expensive too. Before the fall of the year 2016, He was paying around $110,000 monthly to his two estranged wives.

Charlie appeared the payments that were reduced due to his financial crisis and some other problems as well, A judge changed his monthly spousal charging that is now $25,000 per ex. Charlie Sheen is still paying about $500,000 per year to support his kids to grow.

In the year 2011, Charlie Sheen publicly revealed that he was affected with HIV positive. His medical expenses are now costing him $25,000 per month.

Sheen also told that he had to spend $10 million in the last four years to settle down with those peoples who were threatening him to make his HIV disease status publically.

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