Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat Net Worth

How much is Casey Neistat net worth?


Casey Neistat is a very famous American YouTube personality. He is also a very famous filmmaker, Vlogger, and owner of a recording company called Beme.

He is also a director and producer of various films and videos. Casey Neistat was born in New London, Connecticut and had his first child when he was seventeen years old and lived with his son’s mother in a very run-down trailer until he was twenty years old after which he moved to New York City and found work as a bike messenger in New York City.

After that Casey Neistat’s actual career started when he started to work on films and sculptures along with his brother. It wasn’t until two years later that Neistat started to earn some name in the world. The first breakthrough in his net worth was the short film he created on the policy of changing batteries in Apple devices especially the iPod.

This short film gained over a million followers on YouTube in only a week which caused it to be featured on several media platforms including BBC news.

As of now, Casey Neistat net worth is approximately $12 million.

The Media Career of Casey Neistat

The start of Casey Neistat’s career was the film making business he ventured on and gained a whole lot of success through it.

The iPod’s dirty secret

The first short film that Neistat created was the iPod’s dirty secret and it gained over a million views on the internet in only a week’s time. This movie was featured on many media platform which caused it to gain even more popularity.

This movie was based on the lack of battery replacing service of Apple which caused people to buy a new iPod every time something happened to the battery and that is why their sales increased so immensely. This idea was very much liked by the people and that is why the film gained so much popularity and success.

Science Experiments

Neistat along with his brother produced a series of films called Science Experiments in which the series featured short films of fifteen minutes depicting several experiments.

This series gained a lot of popularity by the people and it became even more popular when they were featured in the Creative Time’s 59 minute program in which the films were shown as one minute clips on the Panasonic Time Square Astrovision.

Casey Neistat Awards & Achievements

In 2010, Casey Neistat won the ‘John Cassavetes Award’ exhibited by the Independent Spirit Awards. In 2016, he won the ‘Streamy Awards’ in the classifications ‘Best First-Person Series’ and ‘Best Editing’.

That year he additionally won ‘YouTuber of the Year’ grant at the Shorty Awards occasion. Likewise, he was respected with ‘New Media Star grant’ at the GQ Men of the Year grant occasion.

As of 2021, Casey Neistat net worth is estimated to be around $12 million makes him one of the famous American YouTube personalities.

Casey Neistat Trivia

In 2016, Casey Neistat declared to his fans that he will never again transfer vlogs on YouTube. Soon after four months, he transferred a video on his channel ‘THE VLOG IS BACK’.

He has 2.4m fans and 1.19m fans on Instagram and Twitter separately. Neistat’s mark design proclamation is a couple of tweaked dark shades with white splash paint.

His grandma was a tap artist and furthermore the Radio City Music Hall’s Rockette amid World War II.

Casey Neistat as a Film Maker

Casey Neistat and his sibling Van Neistat began working with Tom Sachs in 2001 and made a progression of short movies. In the year 2003, Neistat increased global introduction for his three-minute film ‘iPod’s Dirty Secret’ in which he reprimanded Apple for not having an appropriate battery substitution program for their gadget.

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Posted on the web on September 20, 2003, this film picked up media consideration and eventually conveyed notice to Apple’s approach with respect to iPod battery substitutions. The next year, Neistat created a film arrangement ‘Science Experiments’ that highlighted various short movies portraying different tests.

This work ended up noticeably mainstream and was incorporated into the Creative Time’s 59th Minute program. Later on, Casey Neistat, alongside his sibling Van and mates Tom Scott and Mason Daugherty, created an eight-scene TV arrangement titled ‘The Neistat Brothers’ which was obtained by HBO in 2008.

Aside from the film and TV work, Casey Neistat additionally picked up notoriety for making a few top of the line ads for customers, for example, Google, Samsung, Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Finn Jewelry, and so on.

Casey Neistat Brothers

The whole filmmaking career of Casey Neistat was shared with his brother so when they were both featured on HBO in a show which was basically an autobiography, it gained a huge success because fans were eager to know about them and the autobiography fulfilled their wish. Sice this show was aired on HBO; it was bound to give the brother’s career a huge leap of success and a new hoard of followers.

This show really increased the Casey Neistat net worth to a $12 million which a huge success for a YouTube celebrity.

Casey Neistat Motivational Video

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