Bobby Brown Net worth

Bobby Brown Net worth


Robert Barisford ‘Bobby’ Brown, commonly known as Bobby Brown, is mostly known as a singer and a songwriter. Born on 5th February 1969, he is from Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Although he might not be the most famous singer around today, he surely has a few hit songs and was a sensation of his time.

Bobby was a compatible and well-known rapper of the early 1980s and has worked both solo and in collaboration with other singers and bands. Here, we are going to take a look at Bobby Brown Net Worth and his life.

Net worth of Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown has had a good career in the music industry. Now, he has been around in the industry for over 40 years. During this tenure, he played as the leading person of the R&B as well as the New Edition which was a pop group. Moreover, he was also married to Whitney Houston (late). All these things contribute to his net worth which, by the start of 2021, according to sources was Bobby Brown Net worth is estimated at around $5 million.

Music Career

The music career of Brown started when he found the New Edition. At that time, he was nine years old, and his fellows were his childhood friends. The members include Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell, Travis Pettus and Corey Rackley.

These all were from Boston and knew each other as they spent the early days of their life in the surroundings of Orchard Part Projects. The first one to leave the group was Rackley, and his spot was taken by Tresvant. As they were in their establishing stages, many members flew in, and plenty of them left the group.

However, after they went to several talent shows, they finally earned a deal in 1982 under the label of Maurice Starrs. Their first album was then released is titled the Candy Girl. Among the first hits of the group were Jealous Girl in which Brown was the lead vocalist. Later, they released their own album with a couple of hits titled ‘cool it now’ and ‘Mr. Telephone Man’ in which Brown was a co-led singer.

However, due to his reasons, despite the success of the group, he left it. The common reasons that people know today are that the team was not paying him properly and he was becoming jealous of the spotlight that Tresvant was receiving.

After leaving the group, he started a solo career. His first contract was with MCA, and his first album came with the title ‘King of Stage.’ Although the release was not as good as it was meant to be, one of the songs ‘Girlfriend’ became the top R&B hit.

From there, he started involving the top songwriters and composers of the time. So, he had brilliant success with the solo album ‘Don’t Be Cruel.’ 5 songs of the album featured in the top 10 hits and on Billboard Hot 100.

The album sales were over 12 million making it pop up as the top-selling album of the year 1989. Moreover, the Grammy Award of 1990 that he won due to the Best Male R&B Vocal Performance contributes to the Bobby Brown Net Worth. Later, he reunited with New Edition, but the success that he got as a solo performer was exceptional.

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