Bernard Arnault Net Worth

Bernard Arnault Net Worth

How much is Bernard Arnault net worth?

Net Worth:$109.6 Billion
Date of Birth: March 5, 1949
Residence:Roubaix, French Fourth Republic
Occupation:Media Proprietor, Businessman & Art Collector


Bernard Jean Etienne Arnault is a renowned French billionaire businessman, media proprietor, and art collector. He is serving as a chairman and chief executive of LVMH Moet Hennessy- Louis Vuitton SE, LVMH, one of the world’s largest luxury goods company.

He became the richest man in the fashion industry-beating  Zara’s Amancio’s Ortega’s record. He also surpassed one of his richest rivals, “Jeff Bezos” to become the richest man in the world.

As of 2022, Bernard Arnault net worth is around 109.6 billion dollars.

Early life

Bernard Arnault was born on March 5, 1949, in Roubaix, France to Jean Leon Arnault, a manufacturer and Mateo –Josephe Savinel daughter of Etinne Sevinel.

Arnault attended Lycee Maxence Meersch and then went to Lycee Faidherbe in Lille. He graduated in 1971, from the Ecole Polytechnique leading engineering school of France and started working for the company of his father.

Personal life

Bernard Arnault married Anne Darwin in 1973. They welcomed two children Delphine and Antoine. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 1990.  Arnault married Helene Mercier, a concert pianist in Paris, and welcomed three children.

His children Antoine, Alexander, Delphine, and Frederic have official roles in the famous brands controlled by Arnault. His niece Stephanie Watine Arnault also joined them.


Bernard started his career by joining his family’s business after completing his graduation. Later he planned to expand the branches of his father’s business, for which he involved himself in more profitable ventures.

His first step was to convince his father to split up the company and reap its benefits. He wanted his family to dissolve the business of construction and start investing in real estate, which became quite fruitful and successful.

Bernard instantly started gaining fame and fortune and became the director of development in 1974. In 1977, he became the CEO of the company and in 1979, became president surpassing his father.

In 1981, the French socialists pressurized them to relocate their real estate to the US, where it could flourish more.

In 1983, Arnault returned to Roubaix, France, and realized about the golden opportunity to expand his business into the textile industry when one of the largest firm Boussac Saint-Freres was bankrupt. Later he contacted a managing partner, Antoine Bernheim, who worked for a firm, Lazard Frères to fund his investment of purchasing Boussac.

After getting the company’s hold, Arnault sold most of its shares and kept the department store Le Bon Marche and Christian Dior Brand. By the year 1985, he became the CEO of Dior.

As of 2022, Bernard Arnault net worth is estimated to be around 109.6 million dollars. Even with the ups and downs, he still topped in the lists of world’s wealthy people.

His main source of income is his family’s business named Roubaix Construction and business venture LVMH.


Arnault won numerous awards for his exceptional performance throughout his career.

  • He received Commandeur De La Legion D’Honneur 2007.
  • Arnault won Grande Officeur De La Legion D’Honneur in 2011.
  • He won the Woodrow Wilson Award for Global Corporate Citizenship in 2011.
  • He received Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order Of The British Empire in 2012.
  • Arnault won the museum of the modern art David Rockefeller Award in 2014.


Bernard Arnault is one of the richest men in the world and ruling the fashion industry tremendously. His passion and dedication earned him this whopping net worth.

As of 2022, Bernard Arnault net worth is approx 109.6 billion dollars.

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