Artie Lange Net Worth

Artie Lange Net Worth

Net Worth:$10 million
Star sign:Libra
Country of Origin:Livingston, New Jersey
Date of birth: October 11, 1967
Source of wealthLivingston, New Jersey
Radio personality, comedian
Height:1.75 m
Last Updated:2024


As of 2021, Artie Lange net worth is approximately $10 million and his current annual salary is about 2 million dollars, it is true! He is a famous radio personality and he is also a comedian.

Artie Lange earns by acting and writing. As he is a radio host and he is also a famous podcast host and one of his popular tenures were The Howard Stern Show.

Early Life

It was on October 11, 1967, that Artie Lange birth event took place and his birthplace is Livingston, New Jersey.

Initially, he worked as a taxi driver and he too worked as a longshoreman. He did these jobs because his family was in financial crisis and he wanted to support them.


In the year 1987, Artie Lange did his very first debut right as a stand-up comic. He took and adopted this profession on a full-time basis during 1990s times. He used to perform in the clubs of the New York City. In 1995 year, he got shifted to Los Angeles so that he can star and appeared in the first one season of Mad TV.

Then in 1997 year, he appeared in the comedy film named as Diry Work. This film made him a star and later on, he appeared and successfully grabbed many of the Tv roles as well as film roles.

The Howard Stern Show

Finally, in 2001, Artie Lange made a comeback to city of New Jersey and he became the official member of this show titled as The Howard Stern Show till the time of 2009. During the phase of 2001 till 2009, he pursued a large number of other projects too.

He released two of the comedy albums. He produced and appeared in the feature film named as Artie Lange Beer League. His first book was Too Fat to Fish and it was released in the year 2008. That book got the listing at number 1 spot and became the New York Times Best Seller.

The Nick & Artie Show

Artie Lange was too the co-host of this show which is The Nick & Artie Show. When Di Paoli made a departure from this show in the year 2013 then this show was retitled as The Artie Lange show. That show lasted till the time of 2014.

It was during this specific show that he released and launched his second book titled as Crash and Burn in year 2013. He hosted this podcast which is The Artie Quitter Podcast from 2015 till 2017 years. His third book was Wanna Bet? and it is scheduled to release in this year 2018.

Artie Lange Motivational Video


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