Adam Carolla Net Worth

Adam Carolla Net Worth

How much is Adam Carolla worth?

Net Worth:$16 million
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of birth: May 26 1964
Source of wealth:Comedian/Personality
Last Updated:2024


Adam Carolla is a well-known comedian with a distinct humorous style and has amassed a significant fan following over the years.

As of 2022, Adam Carolla net worth is around $16 million.

He has appeared in movies, television shows, radio shows, and podcasts, all of which have led to his fame.

Early life

Adam Carolla was born and bred in Los Angeles County, largely raised by a single mother.

He completed his high school education at the North Hollywood High School and joined the Los Angeles Valley College for higher education.

However, as is evident from his personality and his comedic style, he is not one to conform to society’s standards and soon dropped out of college, living a fun-filled life with his friends.

Carolla was interested in sports but chose comedy as his career and even attended a school that provided training in improvisational comedy.

Adam Carolla’s shows

As of 2022, Adam Carolla net worth is estimated to be around $16 million. He has worked on a long list of radio and television shows to get to this point in life.

The show which brought him acclaim initially was Loveline, a radio show which he co-hosted with Drew Pinsky.

The show mainly centered around people calling in with questions related to love and relationships but also consisted of Carolla cracking jokes on several topics. Later, he went on to publish a book on love which was based on what the two hosts learned while doing the show.

Furthermore, Loveline was such a success on radio, that a version for television was also created and was hosted by Carolla.

Adam also struck up a bond with Jimmy Kimmel when he was young and the two have remained fast friends and close business partners over the years. The two even hosted a show, later on, called The Man Show.

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Another show which gained marked acclaim was The Adam Carolla Show which aired on Infinity Broadcasting.

He has appeared on television shows such as Crank Yankers, which appeared on Comedy Central.

The Car Show was another television program of his that became moderately famous and was even noticed by Jay Leno for being funny.

Other shows that he worked with have been Catch A Contractor, The Adam Carolla Project and Too Late with Adam.

Adam Carolla also hosts a podcast that broke the Guinness Records for most downloaded podcasts. Adam Carolla’s wife, Lynette Paradise has also made an appearance on his podcast.

Other ventures

As of 2022, Adam Carolla net worth is approximately $16 million and several things other than his radio and television shows have contributed to it.

Adam Carollo’s books have gained popularity and two of his books even became bestsellers.

He has also made appearances and worked in several movies such as The Hammer, Wreck-it-Ralph and Road Hard, thus showing that he is quite versatile.

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