Kwon Ji-yong G Dragon Net Worth

Kwon Ji-yong G Dragon's Net Worth

Net Worth:$30 million
Star sign:Leo
Country of Origin:Seoul, South Korea
Date of birth: August 18, 1988
Source of wealthSinger, songwriter, record producer, rapper
Height:1.77 m
Weight:58 kg
Last Updated:2018


According to reports, Kwon Ji-yong G dragon net worth is $30 million. He was born in August 18, 1988 and he is one of the extremely famous South Korean rappers. By profession, he is a singer-songwriter and a record producer, he is too an entrepreneur and a fashion icon.

The reason of his fame is that he has always penned down chart-topping and blockbuster singles, he has an excellent stage presence and he is known with the title of King of Pop. Before he managed to make his debut in the year 2006, he got the complete training for almost 6 years right from South Korean entertainment label.

Early Life

Kwon Ji-yong G-Dragon was raised up in Seoul, South Korea. He started his career at the age of 6 by becoming the part of the group Little Roo’Ra. When a Christmas album was released by this group, then their contract was terminated and this decision was taken by the record company.

It all came out as a shock for him! He got a training and specialized in dancing under the record label. This training continued for five years, that is when he was 8 years old till he reached the age of 13.


Kwon Ji-yong G dragon’s net worth is truly at its highest peak! His first one solo album was Heartbreaker. Do you know that its track also carried the same title, it is true! Both of them got to release in 2009.

His album came out to be a commercial success and that album got the award as Album of the Year by Mnet Asian Music awards. He made a collaboration with T.O.P, a Big Bang bandmate so that the GD & TOP can be released in the year 2010.

His album EP, it came out to be a best and top selling album by any of the Korean soloist. This album also broke the record made by Heartbreaker and got the award as Record of the Yer by Seoul Music Awards in the year 2013.

Then in 2013, Kwon Ji-yong G-Dragon started off with his worldwide tour right as solo artist. He became the first one Korean soloist who made a tour to Japanese dome kind of arenas. It was in 2013 that he received the award by Mnet Asian Music awards as Artist of the Year.

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Miltary Training

Kwon Ji-yong G-Dragon got involved into a mandatory kind of military service during the time of February 27, 2018. He was also assigned with a title as a regular soldier when he completed his basic training from 3rd Infantry Skeleton Division of South Korea.


Kwon Ji-yong G-Dragon along with his fans from almost 14 countries, they managed to donate 9.9 tons of rice to malnourished children and elderly living. No doubt he has always given his full and complete support for these charity organisations.


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