How to Retain Vegetable Nutrition While Cooking Something

How to Retain Vegetable Nutrition While Cooking Something

The vegetable nutrients is easily lost through the cooking procedure. As a major element of good nutrition and health, vitamins help you to stay strong and provide energy. To help in keeping the most vitamin content in your vegetables when they are being cooked by you, follow these steps:

  • Purchase Fresh Vegetables
  • Remember to keep vegetables in the refrigerator to retain vitamin content longer.
  • Go Easy on Cutting
  • Eat Vegetables Raw When Potential
  • The best method to keep the most nutrients in your vegetables would be to eat them uncooked.
  • Don’t Use Copper
  • Don’t use copper as it ruins the vitamin content to prepare vegetables.
  • Utilize the Microwave or Steam Your Vegetables

Vitamin decline can be cut down on by using the microwave. The level of vitamin decrease depends how high the heat is and on how long you cook the vegetables. Don’t let them thaw before cooking in the event you are cooking frozen vegetables. If it is essential to thaw the vegetables for the recipe, don’t forget to retain the water thawed for use in groundwork. Steaming is another good alternative for maintaining nutrition. Set a steaming basket in a pot over a couple inches of water and cover the pot. Turn heat to medium high and cook the vegetables until done. Times will vary with respect to the vegetable.

Add spice or your preferred seasoning to your vegetables to enrich the flavor and nutritional content.

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