How To Get MCB Lite Prepaid Visa Card In Pakistan – Get Mcb Lite Card

How To Get MCB Lite Prepaid Visa Card In Pakistan

In this Article we are going to discuss about, How To Get MCB Lite Prepaid Visa Card . A new turn toward Visa prepaid card was taken up by the Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) that is known as MCB Lite Prepaid Visa Card. So to make you interested in this glorious transact system we are here expressing you the process about “how to get MCB Lite prepaid visa card in Pakistan”. In addition you get details about MCB Lite (Pas it on), features, Cons and pros as well as charges details so that before you took decision of taking MCB Visa Lite you ought to be well aware with all of its own values and virtues.

Get MCB Lite Card in pakistan.

It works on virtually all online routes through credit machine like Automated Teller Machine (ATM). You can get MCB Lite on your own cellular android app that is as mobile which is referred to as mobile wallet. Moreover there are various awards for MCB Lite customers which are granted with the passing of time frame that is prescribed. One who finish that time period with requirements can avail these awards via Visa card. Read on below for additional technical details.

MCB Lite Card

There are lots of interesting and appealing features of MCB Lite Card(Pas It On) written below such as

It’s possible for you to take advantage of this card at any time at everywhere as much you desire in throughout the Pakistan within your balance amount
It might use at all on-line stations for example Visa machine, ATM as well as other cash transact on-line sources
There is absolutely no need of your bank account at MCB. You can get your MCB lite visa card by prepaid your amount into your card online
An exclusive reduction is, in addition, offered for MCB Lite Visa card holders which is award from the trade rate
MCB Lite Prepaid Visa can also use for shopping at any online mall, paying utility bills and also travelling to other countries for booking your seats while sitting at your house.
Each one of these services are available on 24/7 in a month online.
There are also many more significant and interesting features can be obtained for MCB Lite Card.

MCB Lite Card Charges

Local ATM Usage  other then MCB (MNet) Rs. 10
Local ATM Usage Other then MCB (Link 1) Rs. 15
International charges for ATM Usage Rs. 250 or 2.5% of transaction
Transfer Charges for Inter-banking Rs. 20
Balance Inquiry Charges (Link 1) Rs. 05
Balance Inquiry Charges (MNet) Rs. 04
Balance Inquiry (International) Rs. 50
Arbitration Charges $500
Fixed Annual Charges Rs. 1000


Get MCB Lite Card in Pakistan Process

So that you can get your MCB Lite Prepaid Visa Card In Pakistan you have two ways to use one is via online via visiting the MCB lite follow the following points and empower branch

Online Apply For MCB lite card


and also the second one is:

Fill the web application form and click on “SEND” button.
After this an E-Mail will probably be send by MCB in your email address.
There for filling online form you will get a link
Your info will be verified by mCB and send your relationship pack at your address that was provided you have written in form.
Once you get your relationship pack visit your nearest MCB Lite Empower branch as well as your relationship card and fill in the application form and attach a copy of your CNIC and additionally reveal the original card to the policeman.
On the period of application form you must deposit Rs. 1,160 as initial deposit costs
Now you simply need to phone at MCB call center in order to get your ATM PIN through IVR
That’s it. All done successfully…!!!
After all a link will be send to your cellular number by which you can hold your Prepaid Visa card through your cellular telephone and may get your MCB Lite Mobile Wallet Login PIN


As you’ll find only limited branches for it, mCB Lite is not accessible at most of the divisions of MCB.
There’s a yearly cost which a customer has to pay and which will be detected out of your balance.
Third Party Costs are also contained in this card.
MCB lite deposit that is restricted as you’ll be able to deposit maximum 200K per day.
You can use maximum 100K per day along with your MCB Lite Prepaid Visa Card.
Personally that is an extremely exclusive online banking experience through which you can safe money and your time. It is possible to make your comment in the following opinion box, still if you have almost any confusion. In order to answer you for Faqs about to Get MCB Lite Prepaid Visa Card In Pakistan we are going to be replying you on first priority.

If you have any problem regarding this, kindly comment below.

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